Welcome to the Poppy For real Magazine

What is this?

Poppy magazine is full of fun and true, absorbing content, delivered monthly by subscription only. Readers from 8 to 10 years of age make sure Poppy is on their first stop at the bookshelves.
PS. There are no ads either!

Who is it for?

Poppy for real is for tomboys and girls, in the 8 to 10 age group, those who are into dancing, lip gloss and crop tops, as well as pets, sport and fun.

From the Editor

"Let them be girls for a while longer. The 'tweens' is a special time when they are starting to see what's happening around them, to engage with the outside world."
Dawnie Rasmussen, Editor

Did you know about Cone shells?

They sure are pretty and the really big ones, about as long as your ruler, are rare and collectors are happy to pay big money for them, especially the "Glory of the Seas" the name it is famously known by. In the old days, cone shells were used as money and trade in other parts of the world, as well as to make some beautiful jewellery. And yes, you can eat cone snails. In the Philippines they are made into a delicious creamy soup after the venom duct is removed. Warning! Care needed! The snail is a poisonous little sneak. When it’s not spreading a ‘sleeping tablet’ concoction into the ocean around it to slow down its dinner, it has a bagful of harpoons at the ready. Deadly!